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Asian Weddings

In a traditional Indian wedding, the ritual not only unites two individuals but establishes the bond between two families and their culture. The marriage ceremony, a colourful and joyous event, is spread over several days.


An important and most entertaining ceremony, takes place during the arrival of the groom at the wedding venue. The procession known as the Baraat, which is made up of the groom’s family members, relatives and friends, accompany him to the venue. They are known as the Barati.
On their arrival they are welcomed and received by the bride’s family. In his travels with the Barati the groom rides upon an elephant or a beautiful white horse known as the Ghodi. The Ghodi is adorned with decorations and ornaments, and carries the groom. As the Barati travels along with the groom there is singing, dancing and the excitement of the dholi drummer.
At TW Carriages, we take great pride in the detail and will provide you with the most well behaved, beautifully adorned white horse. Your Ghodi will wear a one-of-a-kind, hand-made costume complete with ghungroo (anklets) and morki (crown). With matching umbrella and handlers dressed in traditional garb, we aim to make your Baraat like no other.
Your Ghodi will be available for a 1 ½ hour time slot. Viewing of your Ghodi before your event is available upon request.

Meet our Ghodi’s
Blanquito - White Prince - Ghori name - Saphēda Rājakumāra

Hindu wedding horse - Ghodi Hindu wedding horse - Ghodi

Blanquito is our 15.2hh 10year old Andalusian gelding from Spain. He was selected due to his amazing laid back temperament, acquired from many years of performing in the Spanish Fiestas. He is no stranger to large crowds of dancing people, loud music and drums.  Also his magical beauty that is found with this breed.

Zachtreus – Gentle Giant - Gohri Name – Saumya Viśāla

Zac is our 16.3hh 11year old Dutch Warm Blood from Holland. He was selected due to his calm temperament and his keen attitude to work, acquired from many years of pulling carriages through the busy streets of London, not blinking an eye at the commotion around him.

Horse Drawn Vidai
A pair of Ghodi drawing a decorated carriage can also be provided for the post wedding ceremony known as the Vidai. This ceremony symbolizes a new journey for the bride as she leaves her parents, her friends and family members.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please call our Asian wedding specialist.
Kelly Thompson – 07944 501 196

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